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We highlighted our main projects for you to know us better.

AWS Journey

Web campaign app

We developed this viral campaign in a partnership with Clint Studio for Amazon Web Service (AWS). The project celebrates, in a fun and cheerful way the milestone of two trillion objects stored in the cloud by AWS.

The user learns the importance of this number on a journey through space. The stored objects turn into fuel to the AWS rocket, which flies further thanks to its client's gigantic potential. At the end of the journey it is possible to share the results on Facebook and earn credits to use for Amazon Web Service.

The whole concept, content, interaction and integration was produced closely with the client. To the website development, we used only HTML, CSS and JS languages.

AWS Journey screenshot


Web app

Built to make its users professional lives easier, this web application is intended to autonomous lawyers and small and medium sized offices. With Astrea the lawyer follows lawsuits, manages events and tasks, generates invoices, keeps document files and much more. All of these in a safe and collaborative environment.

The project is constantly evolving. That's why in a partnership with the Astrea company we continue to work in the app's development and improvement. We colaborate in the stages of research and user testing, mockups' development and validation, interface design, client-side code's implementation and maintenance.

Astrea screenshot


Web app

The SPREADnet is a web application made to the finance departments of medium and large businesses. Developed to facilitate transactions between banks and companies, it has been carefully thought to present all the resources of a full operations' table in a digital, pleasant and user friendly environment. With SPREADnet the user has a toolset with great calculation potential avaiable, that can organize and streamline the negotiations.

Currently we are working in SPREADnet's development in a partnership with Blue Chip Software. We're involved in the stages of user research, mockups' development, interface design, client-side code's implementation and maintenance.

SPREADnet screenshot

Way2 Display

Web App

We brought forward this application in a partnership with the technology company Way2. It was developed to hydroelectric power plants and is intended for engineers and technicians to track information and to the institutional presentation. Through the display, the user has access to real numbers of the plant's power generation. These numbers were arranged to facilitate the data's reading and understanding by the user.

We worked in the solution's ideation and interface development, designed for screens of at least 32-inch.

Way2 Display screenshot

With clients like these, it's easy to love what you do.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Astrea
  • Compedi
  • Coolendar
  • Sebrae
  • SPREADnet
  • Videoface
  • Way2

Now that you already know us better, let's talk? Please contact us.